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Broken Tail Lights and Rear-End Collisions

Broken Tail Lights and Rear-End Collisions

Did you know that vehicle maintenance can play an important role in your safety behind the wheel? In fact, a 2004 study by Car Care Council states that accidents resulting from unperformed vehicle maintenance account for nearly $2 billion a year. While the statistic is shockingly high, the potential for danger is even more excessive.

Even vehicle problems that may seem minor, such as broken, tinted, or blinking tail lights, can have a detrimental effect on you and other drivers on the road. While tail lights may not seem like a large issue for drivers to worry about, these devices can actually be the difference between an accident and the safety of your family.

To make tail light rules clear, the Texas Department of Public Safety has listed restrictions and standards in order to keep drivers on the road safe. Below are some of the specific instructions and regulations.

  • Every vehicle must have two working tail lights and stop lamps
  • Stop lamps must produce a red or amber colored light
  • Stop lamps must be visible to other drivers at 300 feet or more away
  • Stop lamps must be activated when the driver presses the brake pedal
  • Tail light lenses should remain as the original lenses from the manufacturer if condition
  • Tail light lenses should be clear
  • Light bulbs should be red LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights that pass state inspection
  • Do not install any device the impairs the effectiveness of tail lights such as
    • Darker lenses
    • Darker bulbs
    • Different colored bulbs
    • Bulbs that are not DOT approved
  • Tail lights and stop lamps are a crucial part of driver safety.

A driver without proper working tail lights and stop lights creates an avoidable danger to other drivers who may be sharing the road. In the course of a sudden stop during the night time, a driver without appropriately working tail lights or brake lights may cause an accident if the driver behind the negligent driver does not see the vehicle ahead.

The Daspit Law Firm Can Help

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident caused by a person who did not perform proper vehicle maintenance, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for the following.

  • Medical expenses
  • Doctor visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic services
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distresses

The Galveston car accident lawyers at The Daspit Law Firm understand the hardships and turmoil an accident can pose on an entire family. Our firm is committed to helping those who have been wrongly harmed. If you have been hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another person, do not hesitate to contact our Galveston car accident attorneys today. It may be the call that changes your life.